Telegraph Outdoor Show

We have been invited by The Telegraph to bring an environmental message to the Outdoor Show since 2015, and in 2017 we chose to strongly highlight the issue of ocean plastics.

As part of a blacked out ‘experiential cube’ installation, we created three zones for the visitor to travel through: the bountiful ocean; the stark facts; and the positive solutions.

In each we conveyed an important message, and none more so than that where the stark facts were projected onto a wall adjacent to an illuminated curtain strung with tiny coloured items - items that were initially mistaken by visitors for seashells but on closer inspection turned out to be plastic bottle tops.

We worked with Rame Peninsula Beach Care who donated the use of part of a chain 1.3km long that contains 65,000 bottle tops they have gathered from Cornish beaches over a three month period.

Created thanks to generous support from Visit Azores and La Gomera Tourism.