TV Presenters


Comedian & Broadcaster




Naturalist & Broadcaster

“Incredible Oceans is inspirational education. Engaging young hearts and minds with whales is the best way to protect our planet’s oceans.”


Wildlife Cameraman

“I am not pretending to be a sea life expert, but (...) WhaleFest is making a positive contribution for some of those incredible creatures that are the treasures of our oceans.”

Gok Wan

Fashion Consultant & Broadcaster

“Events like WhaleFest are so important because it’s about getting this message out there, banging the drum as loud as you can and reaching as many people as possible”

Gordon Buchanan

Wildlife Filmmaker & Presenter

Ingrid Visser

Orca Researcher & Campaigner

“It’s vital that we ensure our kids to learn more about our oceans and the wildlife they support and I really believe that Incredible Oceans does this”

Iolo Williams

Naturalist & Broadcaster

“WhaleFest is a really good audience for conservation groups where they can get their important messages out”

Mark Brownlow

TV Producer & Director

Mark Carwardine

Environmentalist & Presenter

“We should all be taught to respect and value our precious marine worlds and what better place to start that appreciation than at school level with Incredible Oceans.”

Michaela Strachan

TV Presenter

“We see the oceans from many perspectives but we also need to see them protected and to pass the baton to our children, Incredible Oceans can achieve this”

Miranda Krestovnikoff

Naturalist & TV Presenter

“Brilliant event, very inspiring, and run fantastically professionally. It’s a universal global theme, where there are genuine positive outcomes each time a WhaleFest happens”

Monty Halls

Broadcaster, Writer & Leader

Pete Bethune

Conservationist & Activist

Philip Hoare

Author & Writer

“This has to be the world’s largest ever anti-captivity protest”, WhaleFest 2015”

Ric O’Barry

Animal Rights Activist

Simon Reeve

Adventurer & Broadcaster

“Incredible Oceans can start to make a difference. You only need a small percentage to think that this might be a significant part of their later life and you’ve made a difference.”

Steve Backshall

Presenter, Naturalist & Adventurer

Virginia McKenna

Actress & Wildlife Campaigner