The start of our Incredible Oceans TV for teachers project was supported by the UK’s National Oceanography Centre, as we filmed aboard the RSS James Cook.

Oceans are vital yet we don't teach enough about them in schools. With help from the NOC we bringing together some of the world’s best ocean literacy materials for schools and sign-posting them with introductory videos. Aimed at primary school teachers, these videos can be either: a reference source; something that can be shown to classes; or a simple science experiment that can be replicated by the teacher in the classroom.

Few primary schools have their own, dedicated and experienced, science teacher, but using charismatic marine species as an entry point, they can teach about ocean issues such as plastics, sustainable fisheries, acoustics, tourism and climate change. Regardless of background, all children should have the same opportunities to learn about this important topic.

We’d like to thank NOC and their staff for their support. The National Oceanography Centre is the United Kingdom’s centre of excellence for oceanographic sciences, with a remit to provide national capability and leadership for big ocean science.