Charlie Wheatley

Charlie is one of our ocean science ambassadors, carrying out brilliant outreach at public events with us.

She holds a BSc (Hons) Oceanography & Marine Biology (Plymouth), MSc Climate Change (University College London). Dissertation topic: meta-analysis of ocean acidification-induced behavioural impacts on marine invertebrates!

A volunteer at the London Science Museum Lates Events (after-hours, theme nights which take place once a month at the Science Museum), she also is part of a Friends of the Earth group where she designed and ran a public workshop about how to reduce your plastic waste - 'Camden Unwrapped: Life Without Plastic'.

She maintains a great blog which is broadly focused on Ocean Acidification but also posts about marine science communication.

An alumni of the NERC-funded Marine Science Communication Workshop - Future of our Seas, she designed an activity which aimed to increase Ocean Acidification awareness, in a more relatable and less technical way than historic public engagement on the topic. 

Currently an 'Environmental Engineer’, she works with several teams on Flood Risk, Sustainability, and Marine Ecology with a 'Technical Professional Services' Consultancy. Co-founder and co-lead of the London office Sustainability Group, she is also part of a team responsible for 'Community Connect', sourcing environmental volunteering opportunities and fostering relationships with environmental non-profits.