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In just four years we’ve built WhaleFest into the world’s biggest marine festival. Popular, informative and entertaining, we appeal to children, adults and anyone who cares about preserving our ocean wildlife. With a wide range of guest presenters, from celebrities to environmental experts, we inspire people through huge displays of replica creatures, movies, music, science, speed dating, arts, artefacts and the most innovative technology. From whales to dolphins, stingrays to starfish, our oceans provide us with air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat. It’s time we did away with plastics, pollution, captivity and extinction. It’s time to show the sea some love.


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countries took part in 2015

20 million

people watch whales annually

$2.1 billion

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our campaigns

We’ve embarked upon major campaigns to change the way ocean wildlife is treated and hosted the creation of the first global partnership between organisations working for whales.

reaching out

We’ve embarked upon major campaigns to change the way ocean wildlife is treated. Our programme for primary schools can be easily delivered by teachers and fulfils the National Curriculum criteria. By reaching children at an early age, we leave them with a love, passion and respect for marine wildlife and the tools to preserve our blue planet.

our guest speakers

“WhaleFest is a fab festival and I’m really glad I managed to contribute to the celebration of cetaceans in Brighton... Incredible Oceans is a great idea!”

Michaela Strachan, TV presenter and author

“Projects like Incredible Oceans can start to make a difference. You only need a small percentage of the participants to think that this might be a significant part of their later life and you’ve made a difference.”

Steve Backshall, TV presenter, adventurer, author and wildlife expert

“Brilliant event, very inspiring, and run fantastically professionally.”

Monty Halls, adventurer and broadcaster

“It’s vital that we ensure our kids to learn more about our oceans and the wildlife they support and I really believe that Incredible Oceans does this”

Iolo Williams, Naturalist, TV presenter, conservationist, and writer.

“Incredible Oceans is inspirational education. Engaging young hearts and minds with whales is the best way to protect our planet’s oceans.”

Doug Allan, Photographer, film maker, diver & author

“We see the oceans from many perspectives but we also need to see them protected and to pass the baton to our children, this project can achieve this by giving them passion and insight into the vast watery worlds.”

Miranda Krestovnikoff, Wildlife and diving TV presenter, author & public speaker

Our next event is Incredible Oceans Live! at London Excel